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Tour de force

Tourists! Forget the paradisaic offerings of Bali or the ethereal spectacles of Maldives. If you are planning your next holiday adventure, or narrowing down your preferred option for a honeymoon retreat or simply intending to revel in a “me-time” vacation moment, then you should encompass these suggestions in your list of holiday hotspots. Or maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe the eminence of your life is established really high. Even so, what better lesson to mentor the value of life than indulge yourself in purposeful life-threatening situations disguised as a holiday!

So regardless of your preference, browse through these exhilarating, chilling and never-to-be-considered-even-as-the-last-desperate-option list of tourist packages that you can bet your life on! Literally!

Miami - Dexter


Welcome to the land of beaches, beautiful people on the beaches, nightlife and the second home for a myriad of the world’s popular djs. After savoring the less life-threatening delights of the city, feast your eyes on the many unsavory dishes that include mutilations, decapitations, asphyxiations, burnings, hangings, shootings, stabbings, bludgeoning, maiming  and gouging, to name a few.

Dexter portrays Miami as a motley blend of human sadism and enthralling exhibitions of sights. The writers have done a splendid job of situating the dark and humorous narrative in the sun-baked city, intentionally displaying a wide contrast between the murderous undertones of the story and the lighter, more pleasant backgrounds of the city. This is to mirror the bridge between the bloody mayhem and humor that this dark tale abundantly offers.

Minnesota/Baltimore - Hannibal


Ever fancied strung up on a totem pole instead of skydiving? Or actually be represented as an angel prostrating in prayer instead of a religious visit to the church? More importantly, ever thought how you would taste like?

Now you can, because before you indulge in an appetizing dinner, you might end up as the ingredient in someone’s French cuisine. Or Japanese, depending on what season of Hannibal is running during your visit!

The gruesome level of violent imagery in Hannibal literally jolts you awake sometimes, but tailor fits the cloth of the show that comprises the story. The show is masterfully crafted aesthetically with superb performances from all the lead characters (okay, now I sound like a critic). All in all, your taste for adventure does not get, well, tastier…

Los Angeles - 24


For you thrillseeking pundits and adventure junkies, nothing can fuel your excitement than the eight times (and soon a fine nine) terrorist struck city of Los Angeles. Residence to citywide viral attacks, presidential assassinations, bombing runs and shooting sprees that ensue on an hourly basis, power plant meltdowns and even a nuclear strike, you have an assortment of reasons to keep you on your toes, get your blood pumping and probably ensure your immediate return towards the nearest airport. On and yes, the airport gets attacked too.

Of course, you might probably venture to contact the local authorities for their much needed support. Well don’t. Because they are mostly always corrupted and you might just get yourself killed anyways. For your protection, just dial the one-man-army hotline number of the show’s protagonist, Jack Bauer, at 1-800-JACK-BAUER. I’m serious. He can eliminate entire platoons of bad guys with just a BB gun.

Pretty much every state in the United States – Supernatural


America! The land of the free!

Unfortunately, the Devil thinks so too since his entire coteries of minions have decided upon themselves to adopt permanent residence in the country. So the chances of you encountering a supernatural evil force is similar to stumbling across a Walmart on every street corner. Chances of you being possessed by a demon, even more likely.

So if you ever held back truths about your partner or friend you never confessed, now would be the perfect time before the demon hijacking your body spills the beans, in a less civilized manner. But if you ever wanted to whack your boss in the head, you know you’ll receive no better reason than his possession. Chalk it out to self-defense.

Pretty much every country in the world – The Walking Dead


I’m sure a lot of you were expecting this. This is what I would highlight as the platinum package! Choose any part of the world and you’ll have a personal horde of cannibalistic undead around every corner waiting to devour you. You probably won’t get any travel arrangements and you have to discover your own supplies.

Of course, in a world overrun by the undead, traveling to a destination of your choice seems like the very least you can pamper yourself with. Besides, it is way more satisfying hacking mindless carnivores with an expensive gold club and a martini in your hand on a beautiful sandy beach than in your kitchen with common home appliances.

Though I do pose an important question completely unrelated to this blog post. What in the name of mindlessness has happened to the quality of the show? It somehow seems like a family drama with zombies.

Well I hope the list provides some inspiration and I’m probably certain a lot of you have other, adventuresome ideas. But for now, these options are once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Or the last-encounter-in-your-lifetime, depending on how your luck pans out.

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A long period has elapsed since my last posting; my job and my university demanding my attention and, of course, my considerable time. After returning, I obviously faced a dilemma. Of what topic do i make a tumblr entry on?

Then it occurred to me while i switched on my Playstation 3; I had experienced not long ago a creation of epic magnificence, story and presentation that it had completely overtaken my emotional state. This state occurred after I had completed a game and I remember that after the credits had rolled over and the after-credit scene had tattooed itself in my memory, I was just staring at the screen in awe; unable to organize my thoughts.

Bioshock: Infinite is a splendid creation that not just blends a story so complex and profound that it would leave most of Hollywood’s creations look like a child’s pop-up book, but a game play that is equally immersive.

A lot of people professed complaints about the game’s boldness in depicting a viewpoint against religion. But I found that it did not oppose religion, rather tried to portray society’s ability to blindly immerse itself into the beliefs of someone. It presented an interesting show on how religion can be manipulated into tricking people to follow a specific ideal; an ideal that doesn’t necessarily have to contribute towards the well-being of the society itself, rather feed a megalomaniac’s nefarious ambitions.

The intention of representing duality in humans, which is shown through many interpretations, like the Lutece twins, Booker DeWitt and Father Comstock, the flipping of the coin, the bird and the cage and so on and so forth all focus on the yin-yang aspect of a person, and of situations in general.

A person can fight for a purpose like Booker Dewitt or emerge as a tyrannical figure like Father Comstock. Situations can compel people to feel their life is “caged” and controlled, or give the notion to people that they control their destinies; that they choose where their life is supposed to proceed. That they are “free as a bird”. What I found truly amazing was when i discovered this forum and how people justified their reasons for choosing between the bird or cage pendant, when neither choices were presented as specifically right or wrong. This is one of the game’s ambitions; to make you ponder on its complexities.

In conclusion, it was one of the most amazing games I have played in a long time. And I mean really long. I do pray the franchise continues.

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I like to call it, “Butterfly Lantern”. A truly beautiful photo.

Copyright: Joel Sartore, National Geographic Photographer

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Warning: Positive and personal opinions on the new Devil May Cry are expressed. Be warned fans of the old series (I don’t disapprove of your opinions or choices, I just don’t want to offend anyone. Hence, the early warning).

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality”

- One of the memorable quotes by Dante, the Italian Author and Poet.

[Dante looks up, and catches Lady falling out of the sky. Hanging upside down, she immediately points her guns at him]
“Well, this is my kind of rain. No wonder the sky looks so funny today.”

- One of the memorable quotes by Dante, the character from old Devil May Cry.

White-haired, bad attitude and an extreme sense of styles compiles into one of gaming’s most notable characters, Dante. The first game was interesting, the second; not so much. But the third created an impact to an extent where Dante had officially metamorphosed into a style icon.

After the third game, I knew a franchise was born. There would be further installments, of that I had no doubt. But where the series was headed was a prediction I did not bother to entertain. Mostly because I was satisfied with the conclusion that there would be numerous parts of Devil May Cry before the series would settle for a happy-Dante-with-a-human-girl ending (I do hype my expectations for a sweet ending considerably, so pardon my overactive imagination). The game itself projected as an entertaining combination of great story, gameplay action and visual appeal.

In my opinion, Dante was an irreplaceable character who outshone even in the fourth installment of the series and Devil May Cry was probably my favorite angel-demon game.

Then appeared the release of Devil May Cry, a revamped version of the original series that was endearing to me in many ways. I cried blasphemy but the game was released nonetheless, although I don’t judge games before playing them. Every new idea is welcomed by me with open arms.

But this was different. It was a cruel act of plagiarism (my overactive impulses).

That was what I believed till I experienced the new Devil May Cry. Let me be honest and give it a label so everyone knows in what direction I’m heading in describing the game; it was pure awesomeness.

At the core of the Devil May Cry series lies the conflict between the two brothers, Dante and Vergil. In this game, it has been brought to light very efficiently, although you don’t quite get to indulge in it until the later parts of the game. Yet, it has been slowly developed to give you this result that is bound to keep you excited and screaming for a sequel to release ASAP (I did, except I didn’t scream)!

Everything about the newer version is amazing, though minor defects still persists. The gameplay is even more grandeur, the story is inviting and most of al, the introduction of Limbo in all its destructive force is extremely gratifying.

I must humbly admit, I was terribly mistaken about this game. The new Dante deserves his series to expand further and I’m hoping for far more sequels to develop this time before they pop up with another idea.

I must conclude by a compliment to the game. It may not be one of the most memorable one-liners, but it revealed a more bolder Dante, which I believe reflects a message to the way news is modified and corrupted these days in real life.

[Dante flips the finger at Bob Barbas; news anchorman/demon]

“Put a spin on this”

- One of the memorable quotes by Dante, the character from new Devil May Cry.

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Streaking across the sky

- 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest Winner

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A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.
Paulo Coelho
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Powerful Song. Powerful Scene. Powerful Movie.

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That’s what I call a city of lights.

Copyright: Paul Hogie and National Geographic

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Beautiful Fury

Copyright: National Geographic

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Is there beauty left in this world? More than we realize. In the midst of so much turmoil and chaos, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that we can still discover a view such as this. Plus I love the photography from National Geographic. They have really stunning photos.

Copyright: National Geographic